Gregg Lowe was drawn to photography early in life. He was playing with cameras by the time he was eight and built his first dark room (in his motherís laundry) when he was 12 years old. For those of you too young to know what a dark room is, before the digital age photographs were captured on a celluloid film which had to processed in the dark through a series of chemical bathsÖ oh, never mind, google it.

In what was the luckiest moment of his life, Gregg met Nannette Daniels in high school band camp (Öseriously, summer band camp, can you believe that?) and they began dating. Eight years later they married. Obviously, they rushed into it.

Through his high school years, Gregg honed his skills behind the lens and frequently sold photos to the local newspaper. In 1984 Gregg graduated with an Associate Degree in Photography from Chowan College (Go Hawks!) He immediately was hired to swing a camera in the world of local television. After a few years (of horrible pay), he decided to go back to school and enrolled in ECU (Go Pirates!) where he did his undergrad and grad work in Geography. Through a series of bizarre coincidences, he found himself in Costa Rica shooting pictures for the Summer Studies Abroad program for the Dept of Anthropology. Again, through a series of coincidences, the College of Education learned of his work and hired him to do video/photography. Over the next 20+ years this evolved into piloting a small server farm. Still, he continued his photographic work including publishing an educational video that was distributed across the state by the NC Dept of Education.

In the meantime, Nannette was laying down her footprint on the educational world. In 1987 she graduated ECU (Go Pirates!) with a BS in Early Childhood Education and began tearing her way into the NC Public School system, fearlessly taking on some of the most challenging schools and clientele that eastern NC has to offer. Her commitment to lifelong learning led her to continue her education, earning her MS in Instructional Technology and an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership. She now has over 30 years in the service to the NC Public School System.

Nannette has her own skills behind the lens. She became intrigued with the art soon after encountering Gregg. Her eye developed quickly and she sees any scene with her own vision. She enjoys teasing Gregg when she gets the shot he missed.

Nannette and Gregg have been married over 30 years. They have had seven children, Samantha, Bugsy, Duke, Bleu, Sweety, Xena, and the baby, Winifred... all with four legs, floppy ears, and a tail. From Iceland to Australia, they've traveled the world together. They frequently do stupid things just for giggles and laugh at themselves when it totally goes sideways. If itís something they canít make fun, they donít want to do it.

Buy the ticket, take the ride. It's worth the price of admission.