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It's your family... and statistics show at least 87% of you love yours. If you are part of that percentage you want those special moments captured for eternity. We can see that love and want to capture that magic.

(If you're part of the remaining 13%, it's probably still a good idea to have a set of images... just in case.)

We LOVE our four legged friends! Even when they make us crazy, they're our best friends. We will give you the true view of who they are. We will shoot (maybe not the best word) all of your critters... Well, maybe not mosquitos... they're totally uncool. We definitely will NOT photograph your pet mosquitos.

Your boy caught a frog and we got the shot! We can't guarantee something this dramatic will happen while we're there but if it does, we'll capture the image.

What you do about your kid and the frog is up to you.

Family Gatherings
There's nothing like a big family gathering to make you happy and extremly uncomfortable at the same time. We are here to capture all those memories for you... and if there's some cousin or uncle you wish hadn't come, we can crop them out.

Whether it's for a destination wedding, documenting your latest research... or you just want pics of some sketchy stuff you definitely wouldn't do anywhere within US jurisdiction, we're ready to help you.

We have shot in 19 countries since 1988. Our passports are valid and we have all of our vaccinations. See you at Customs & Immigration !